Hi!, My name is Tim Summers, photographer and web master for this site. I am an independent photographer specializing in: Sports Weddings, Portraits and Children's photography. Events (Printing on Location) I have been a "camera nerd" since the 10th grade but it wasn't until a number of years ago that I started making moves to take my photography to the next level. Then who is Noel? Noel is Leon spelled backwards. Leon Summers was my father who planted the "entrepreneur" spirit in me. For almost forty years, Pops ran a cabinet shop and even started a construction company called Noel Construction. With that image planted in me, In 2006 I launched two companies in honor of Leon (Noel Spelled Backwards). For rates and bookings please contact me at Phone: (404)593-4215 Email: Visit my site FYI: Pictures can be purchased from this site. Smugmug offers high quality prints and fast service to your door. Photos that include the "NoelImages" watermark are for web protection only and will not be included on the final copy that you recieve in the mail. Finally, I encourage you leave feedback/comments (positive or negative) on any of the photos or the entire gallery. Thank you for visiting my online gallery. ALL IMAGES ON THE THIS PAGE ARE THE PROPERTY OF NOEL IMAGES. NO PHOTOS ARE TO OBTAINED FROM THIS PAGE WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM NOEL IMAGES.